Moomin Family Animation

When you go back to the days you were young and well fed of to television, and when you go back to the time you were still thinking of possibilities and realities, how do you think of them now?  How was your young age and cartoons back then?

Some say, they watch Son Goku and Vegeta transform and make the Super Saiyan’s great and some prefer Hanamichi Sakuragi and comedic act of Slam dunk . Actually, when we think about it, it is just a matter of choice and preference. I grew up watching The Moomin Family Animation.

The Moomin Family Animation was created and made by the original idea and characters of Tove Jansson. This cartoon originated from his book. The Moomins are composed of white fairy tale characters and has big noses that makes them look like Hippopotamuses. They have adventures and travel that has great lessons that people of all generations will learn from.

It has various elements that makes this animation good. A father that is always when a problem occurs, a mother who is always the light of the house and a son who always gets himself in trouble due to his curiosity but learns his lessons from the end– learning from his father and mother.

The music had this phrase” So come with me give me your hand”, this website will talk more about the adventures of Moomin, so come with me and give me your hand, I will take you to a Moomin Adventure today.