Boom of Moomin

The Moomin Followings has been a solid rock in many places not only in Finland, but fellow European countries also had a share of following namely, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Lithuania to name a few. This massive Moomin following also was inspired in London and even outside European Countries such as Canada and Japan. Even Mascots in Malls are being used to commercialize such products.

This trend continued to go on and have a big impact especially the Moomin characters in particular. Everything almost had Moomin pictures from cups of coffee to even plastic merchandises. It was even reported that Japan Airlines had Moomin pictures in their airplanes and even the Finish President back then used Moomin watches. Today, there is a famous City Park in Finland and that is the Moomin Community park which is Finland’s best and most visited park.

To this very day, many are still affected by the Moomins, many of children who already grew to become adults still has their Moomins affection deep inside. Walt Disney which is a power house of cartoons and anime company has been addressing the Moomins company of buying it– but they continuously reject the offer.

Today, Moomins copyright are being entrusted to the children and children’s of Tove Janssons. And the family has continuously discouraged companies of the right to sell the Moomin and its copyright.

The Moomins have been in the hearts of people for a long time and will continue to inspire children or people of any age.