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Introspective of Tove Jansson

Finland is the home of the Moomins, it is made into real life of the people who love it so much. They are made up of Philosophical fairy tale characters, they are Moominpappa( Father) , Moominmamma( Mother) and Moomin (Son). They were first realeased as a fictional children’s book during the 1940s. It has a […]

5 Most Fascinating Parks in Japan

Going to Japan is one of the best thing that you would never forget and regret in your life. Here are the reasons why you should not regret once you go there. Tokyo Disneyland Tokyo Disneyland is the best Disneyland in Asia. It is the heart of fantasy especially for the children who really long […]

7 Japanese Culture that Touch your Heart

Japanese is a wonderful country in the east that can influence visitors through their heartfelt culture and tradition. 1. Respect the elders In the east, elders are regarded as important society. Japanese have a filial piety towards their elders. This is why they have to make sure that they do not disrespect them or else […]

Things to Remember when Going to Japan

Japan is an ideal country to visit. ┬áThis is one of the most fascinating country in Asia. Below are the things to remember when in Japan. 1. Japanese Currency Remember to have Japanese yen. Before going out, remember to check your wallet if you have enough yen. If you forget, it is such a little […]

7 Most Loved Animation Series of all Time

Here are the most famous animation series of all time. Japan has filled the whole world with their anime productions. Look at the most loved Japanese anime of all time. 1. Pscho-Pass- Psycho-pass was released in 2012 and until now, many people are watching after it. Actually it is one of the most loved because […]

Moomin’s in Japan

The Moomin Family Adventure and series have affected many people’s life and situations. This popular book and comic was made cartoon and was televised during the early years. It was well followed by many finish people and eventually became a global phenomenon. In the east, there were many countries who have been an avid follower […]