All if not all, can understand that all animation or graphic arts are inspired by something. When we ask televiewers especially those who are critics, some believe that the Moomin Family Characters were inspired by real people and real scenarios. Example the first books published during the 40s were dealing with hazards and disasters and were dramatically referenced to his sadness towards the world war that happened during those years.

Jansson’s inspiration can be seen as she portraits, Moominpappa( father) and Moominmamma (mother) as his parents– who were boohemian. The story is always close to its belief and nature which is very towards tolerance and diversity. Her ideas were always being brought by philosophic and impulses.

The Moomins family which was originally written in Swedish has been translated in english  during  1960s and 1970s. This Book was also written into comic strips during the late 1950s.

This Moomins family animation has touched many lives and families as well. As it even built a Moomins community and real life houses Finland. Many of whom who are avid followers are travelling , touring and having a glimpse of the life story.

The Moomins Story by Jannson was shared to her brother due to the demand of the world back then. London, Canada and USA to name a few.

Tove Jansson’s work of art in the Moomin Family has changed many ideals and life– which is worth the watch even though decades has already passed and passed.

Watch the clip and enjoy!